Why Hungary?

Hungary provides opportunity for all third-country citizens and their immediate family members – if specified conditions are met – to obtain residence permit, and after 6 months permanent residence permit by purchasing government bonds since 2013.Schengen_Arrivals

About Hungary, in brief:

Hungary is a member state of the EU since 2004, and joined the Schengen Agreement in 15 November, 2007. In comply with the Schengen Agreement the border control between the joined countries is abolished, the control of the area outside the border is carried out jointly. Different countries police, administrative and judicial bodies support each other through intergovernmental cooperation in detecting and preventing violations.

  • The parties to the Schengen Agreement, but are not currently using following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria.
  • The parties to the Schengen Agreement, but non-EU member countries are: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.


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