Who can participate in the Hungarian Residency Bond Program?

All foreign citizens and close relatives who meet the requirements and comply with the terms of Act CCXX of 2012 namely

  • they are in possession of a valid travel document;
  • those who do not come under the scope of SIS warning related to admission or residence ban or international arrest warrant;
  • They are in possession of necessary amount of EUR 300 000 and administration fee of minimum 60.000 EUR.


How many people can share in preferences by buying one package of bonds?

In case of purchasing of a EUR 300 000 bond package the bond purchaser, and close relatives specified in the application under the family reunification program obtain permanent residence permit.

What does close relative mean?

A close relative of bond purchaser should be understood as a spouse (husband or wife), their dependent children living in common household, and parents supported by investor.

Aggregate preferences cannot be given to other relatives.


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